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Class Athlete Strength & Conditioning For Any Age and Any Level


Athlete Strength & Conditioning For Any Age and Any Level

Mission Statement: to provide effective individualized training focused towards helping each client reach their personal fitness goals.

Building Solid Foundation  

Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning For Athletes 

We offer individual training sessions designed to increase speed, agility, strength, endurance, vertical jump height, and power in order to excel in any sport. By analyzing the specific components, movement patterns, and physical demands of your sport, we are able to design and implement training programs specific to any athlete.  

On Location Team Training

We will come to your practice facility/location and run one to two hour strength and conditioning sessions for the entire team. CORE fitness trainers in Canada will bring all of the equipment needed to provide the team with a grueling session designed to improve athletic performance in areas of speed, agility, power, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. Each team program is designed with the specific movements and physical demands of each sport in mind to prevent injury and provide teams with a platform for success.     Please CONTACT US for information and availability regarding both Team Training and One on One Athlete Training