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Ball Marching

  • by Michelle
  • January 12, 2010

Increase CORE strength and stability


The goal of this exercise is to increase CORE stability, including hip strength and balance.  This is a very basic exercise and should be attempted once the pelvic tilt has been perfected.  In order to perform this exercise properly, ensure you are using the correct size ball for your body size; a correctly sized ball will allow you to sit on top of the ball with feet flat on the floor and knees at approximately 90 degrees.

The ball march should be performed as follows:

1. Sit on top of a properly fitted ball for your body size.

2. Abduct arms out to sides to allow for assistance with balance when learning this exercise.  Do not place hands on the ball, as this is cheating and will not place as much stimulation on the core muscles and defeat the purpose of the exercise.

3. Once in a comfortable position on top of the ball perform a pelvic tilt (see CORE exercise 1) in order to engage the CORE and place your pelvis in the proper position to begin the exercise.

4. Keeping the CORE engaged, raise one foot up off of the floor with knee bent (see image) as high as you can and lower the foot back to the floor.  One thing to watch for when raising the knee up is that the opposite hip does not pop out, as this is common if the gluteus medius muscles are weak.  Keeping the CORE engaged and sitting up straight will prevent this from occurring and actually work to strengthen the hips as well as the CORE.
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