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Single Leg Ball Curl

  • by Michelle
  • January 9, 2010

Increase hamstring and gluteal strength


This exercise concentrates on increasing hamstring strength, but also increases CORE strength and stability due to the instability provided by having only one leg on the ball.  This is an advanced exercise that should be performed only once a double leg ball curl has been perfected.

The single leg ball curl should be performed as follows:

1. Begin this exercise in the same position as the ball bridge

2. Once your body is up off the floor in the bridge position, raise one leg off the ball and straight up in the air.  So you should be in a position with one leg straight with your heel on the ball and one leg straight up in the air.

3. With the single leg, curl the ball towards you until your knee is at 90 degrees (see image) and straighten the leg again.  Continue to repeat this action for approximately 10 repetitions, ensuring the opposite leg remains straight up in the air.  This should create a “muscle burn” in the back of your leg (hamstring) if performed correctly.

4. After performing 10 repetitions with 1 leg lower your body back down to the floor and repeat with the opposite leg.

NOTE: to perform the easier version of this exercise, use both legs to curl the ball towards you and do not raise one leg straight up in the air.

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