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Blog Clean Eating Controversy – What is it anyway?



Clean Eating Controversy – What is it anyway?

  • by Michelle
  • August 21, 2017

In today’s world there are so many different diets and weight loss theories that it becomes difficult to decipher which is the best, and more importantly, which is the best for YOU?


Low carb? High Carb? Paleo? Keto? Vegan? IIFYM (If it fits your macros)?

Intermittent Fasting? Carb Cycling? Clean Eating?


With so many options and so many different “fitness personalities and health guru’s” claiming their way is the best way, this can get very confusing.  Yes, all of the above ways of eating might work for each individual who is promoting it; however, how do YOU choose what is the best form of eating for YOU???

If you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle, something you can stick to long-term, something that is simple to follow, and something to get you started on your weight loss and/or fitness journey – I suggest you stick to straight up clean eating.

Use the KISS Principle

(KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid)

It’s very difficult to go from zero to one hundred in a new eating and exercise regimen.  I am a firm believer that all changes should be small and gradual in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed and be able to stick to your plan long-term.  That’s the kicker right there….. long-term!  There are no quick fixes!  If you are taking part in an eating or “dieting” (I hate that word!) regimen that has you dropping “20lbs in just 2 short weeks” it means you either drastically limiting  your calories or exercising for hours and hours per day.  This is not realistic and might work for a few weeks, but is not sustainable long-term.; therefore, the question is, what happens after those 2 weeks? Now What? How do we eat or exercise after that??

Again, to each their own and everyone is different.  I can only explain what has worked best for me and 100’s of my clients how have found a healthy balance between clean eating, exercise, and enjoying life (good food, drinks, and doughnuts) once and a while.


What is Clean Eating Anyway?


Definition (as per Wikipedia) -Clean eating is the belief that there are health benefits from eating whole foods in their most natural state and avoiding processed foods such as refined sugar. Variations of clean eating diets may also exclude gluten, grains, and dairy products and advocate the consumption of raw food.

I would have to agree with this completely.  The idea of clean eating is not a difficult science, basically eat more whole foods and eat less processed foods.  Whole foods are those closest to their most natural state (ie. fruit, lean meats, fish, vegetables etc.) and should be enjoyed as often as possible for meals and snacks.  Processed foods are things that come in a box and have long ingredient lists of things which you can pronounce.  The more chemicals and the further from the natural state, the worse the food is for you.  Simple as that. :) Not rocket science right??

We can all do it, it’s just a matter of putting in the effort and making healthier choices when you can.  80% healthy leave 20% to enjoy all those “bad for you” processed and fried foods we all love so much.  It’s all about healthy balance, not depriving yourself of these foods will help you stick to clean eating long-term.


Want To Know My Thoughts On The Best Way To Get Started Clean Eating?

1. Do Your Research and Create a Plan

  • Hire a nutrition coach to help you with meal planning or research yourself the best options for each macronutrient.
  • Learn about macronutrient balance (carbs, good fats, proteins).  How much of each should you be eating each day to burn fat and fuel your body properly.
  • Once you have learned the best way to eat to fuel your body to reach your goals.  Create a meal plan for the week before you go grocery shopping.  Write down what you are going to eat for the week for snacks and meals and then head to the grocery store.

clean eating 2



2. Kitchen and Pantry Overhaul

  • Remove all unhealthy processed food from the kitchen and/or pantry (less temptation!)
  • Stock the kitchen and pantry with healthy options
  • Do some meal prep to make life easier when looking for snacks or quick meals.  Pre-chop vegetables, wash fruit, create little snack size portions in containers, or pre-cook protein (chicken, steak, fish etc.) so it’s ready to throw in a salad or wrap for a quick meal.
  • Search for healthy recipes LIKE THIS ONE to make at home instead of going out to eat.


3. Just Get Started and Create Healthy Habits As You Go

  • The key is to not get too overwhelmed and try to change too much in just one day!  Go with the mentality that you are learning and you are going to do the best you can each day to make healthy choices.
  • Week 1 focus should be something like this: Eat a healthy breakfast within 1 hour of waking, try to drink more water than I did yesterday, and try to eat something healthy every 3-4 hours to boost my metabolism into fat burning zone.  If you try to do just those 3 things for the first week, you are already on the right track and should be feeling better!
  • As the weeks go on, begin to change more habits and before you know it, you have slowly turned yourself into a clean eating – fat burning machine!



Nothing happens overnight, don’t expect results in one week!  This is a lifestyle change that you can stick to long term.  If done correctly you, this is something you should be able to stick to long-term through healthy balance.  This is when you will continue to see long-term results week after week, instead of a drastic weight loss and then gain it all back!

clean eating





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