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How to Push Yourself and Get MORE Out of Metabolic Group Class

  • by Michelle
  • September 5, 2016

We have many loyal soldiers at CORE Conditioning (which we are beyond grateful for) that have been attending our metabolic class regularly for quite some time. As a studio with the best interest of our clients in mind, we want to make sure that our soldiers are not only being pushed to their full potential and challenged in each class, but also reaching their personal fitness/weight loss goals.

Our metabolic group exercise class has become a staple in many of our clients weekly exercise routines (which we are also very grateful for!), which is great because it provides a solid full body strength, core stability, and cardio workout with each class; however are you truly pushing yourself as hard as you should be?

If you have been feeling you are getting “comfortable” with the metabolic group class, or that you might not be getting pushed to your full potential I have some tips for you to change that!

I truly believe that if you approach our metabolic group class with the right mindset, you should never feel as though a class was “too easy” or you “weren’t challenged enough”.


Even when I myself, or the other CORE trainers put themselves through class, we end up a sweaty sloppy mess on the floor just like all of you! This is due to the “timed” nature of the class, which allows you to work as hard as you possibly can for each 40 seconds that you are in each station.

Sometimes in a large group class you are able to get away with a little bit more “slacking” than you would be able to in a small group session or personal training, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still push yourself.

I wanted to share with you the way that “trainer’s” approach the metabolic group class both physically and mentally so that perhaps you can get some tips to help get yourself to the next level and truly reach your full potential!

  1. Come with the right mindset

You got out of bed or got your butt off the couch, come with the mindset to make all of that effort worth while! Walking towards the gym or once you arrive just tell yourself that it’s only one hour (really less than that when we counter in warm-up and water breaks) that you have to focus on yourself and forget about any problems or stress going on in the rest of the world. Lose yourself in the workout, the music, and the #fitfam in the room with you working towards the same goal. The key is to tell yourself it’s time to go hard and give everything I’ve got for just one hour, then it’s back to reality, naps, kids, groceries, etc etc. When it’s my time to workout, my phone get’s put away (except for post-workout selfies which if you follow me on any social media, you know I love to do #noshame) and I tell myself I’m not stopping until I’m done what I need to do. My goal is to leave that workout feeling like I did all I could and pushed myself as hard as I could without regrets.

  1. Count your reps in each exercise and do not look at the clock

One great way one push myself in metabolic class is to not even glance at the time clock! As I approach each station, depending on the exercise, I choose a realistic number of reps I have to get in that exercise before I even think about slowing down or taking a break. Count your reps in your head and then try to beat that number of reps the second time you come around to that station in class. Competing quietly against yourself, but it’s a great way to make sure you are really pushing yourself as hard as you can in that class.

  1. Give Everything you have in the half time show

That half-time show if not meant to be a break between the circuit (not that I think any of you feel the half-time show is a break lol it’s very difficult I know!). The half-time show is designed in the class to really challenge your cardio, strength, and heart rate a little bit differently than in the large circuit class. Performing work at 20 seconds on and 10 second rest intervals is a great way to not only challenge yourself, but to burn more body fat and calories during the class and long after class too! The way I approach the half-time show is just like I do in the larger circuit – Do not stop until I hear “rest” and count my reps to challenge myself. The mentality of working as hard as you possibly can, going as fast as you can, and getting in as many reps as you can (with good form of course) is a great way to get the most out of the half-time show. Look down and push yourself, challenge the person beside you, or secretly try to push as hard as someone else in the class who might be a bit stronger or faster than you. I secretly challenge myself against people all the time (they don’t need to know you are doing this) and it’s how I keep myself working as hard as I possibly can. If high knees is one of the exercises, no matter how tired I am, I am focusing on getting my knees high, my chest high, pumping my arms, and going as fast as my body will let me go for that 20 seconds. Just think it’s only 20 seconds!!

  1. Make sure you ate something and come to class hydrated

Many of you soldiers who have taken part in any of our challenges, know that not eating is actually the WORST strategy for losing weight! We learn to fuel our bodies properly with good food that is going to help us really push ourselves in the gym! If you are coming to a workout thinking you will burn more calories or lose weight faster because you haven’t eaten, you are wrong. The worst thing you want is not eating enough either the day of or the day before a workout, that when you get to the gym your body is too exhausted (from not eating or hydrating) that you are not able to really give it your all in your workout! Even if you attend our 6am early morning classes or are coming to class straight from work, it is important to make sure you still get something in your system. A banana, handful of almonds, piece of toast and some nut butter, protein shake, couple pieces of cheese, or homemade protein balls etc.

  1. Try a heavier weight than you normally do (as long as you can still perform the exercise with good form)

When was the last time you tried lifting a heavier weight? Don’t get comfortable with just grabbing the 10lbs weights all the time in each exercise. Next time come to each station with the mindset that you are going to at least try lifting a heavier weight, even if you are only able to lift that heavier weight for 20 of the 40 second stations because this is how you continue to get stronger and leaner! Lift the heavier weight for the first 20 seconds and then pick up the lighter weight for the second 20 seconds, eventually you will shock yourself and be able to lift that heavy weight for the entire 40 seconds! Again I have to make clear – this is lifting with proper form!

  1. Choose if you plan to make it a heavy weight lifting class or a higher rep/cardio type class

A great way to approach each class, especially if you are one of our soldiers who comes many days back to back. Although all of our classes involve different exercises for the most part and you are still challenging your body in a different way each class; it’s great to approach the class with a plan. Decide before class starts if today is going to be a day where you challenge your muscular and cardio endurance or muscular strength? If you decide on muscular endurance and cardio, you will choose a little bit of a lighter weight in each station and really push yourself to bang out as many reps as you can (note: when I say lighter weight, still make sure it is a challenging weight – we never want “light”). If you choose you want to challenge your muscular strength, choose heavier weights in each station and really challenge your muscles!

  1. If you feel you are not doing an exercise right, feel free to ask the trainer quickly after the half-time show so you will know for round 2 of the circuit.

This is something as trainers we really like you to do! The last thing we want is for you to be coming to class and not feel you are performing an exercise right or are not feeling it in the place where we tell you that you should be feeling it. Do not be shy :) Feel free to either flag us down during the circuit or ask a quick question after the half-time who before we go into the second round of the circuit. Guaranteed most of the time if you ask the question, others might be having the same problem too!

These are just a few ideas on how you can really start to push yourselves in our metabolic classes and I hope this post will help a few of you out. Our biggest concern as trainers is making sure you are all getting the most out of your workouts, enjoying them, and in the end reaching your personal goals.

Let’s keep up the amazing energy at the studio up soldiers! Thank you all for being so amazing and please do not hesitate to contact us via email at customerservice@core-condition.com if you have any questions about this post or anything!


Lot’s of love

Your #ProudTrainer


and the rest of Core Conditioning training team!


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