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Blog Beat the Winter Blues with EXERCISE


Beat the Winter Blues with EXERCISE

  • by Michelle
  • November 22, 2010


Now that we have had the first snowfall of the year and the temperature has dropped drastically, reaction of most people is to go into “hibernation mode”.   It seems the closer we get to Christmas and the colder the weather becomes, people just want to curl up in front of the TV, take more naps, or start baking (and of course eating) those Christmas goodies we all love so much.  With all of these exciting activities to keep you occupied, it seems exercise begins to fall further and further down the list of priorities and any excuse in the book becomes good enough reason to skip out on a workout.  I have heard them all!

Once the days get shorter and the temperatures plunge many people complain of feeling the “winter blues”, which consists of symptoms like lack of motivation, fatigue, low energy, feelings of slight depression, and the cravings for comfort type foods that are not necessarily the healthiest of choices.  Exercise is a great way to help avoid these feelings because not only does it help maintain healthy body weight, it could also be used as a great stress relief and the “feel good” benefits of exercise can be felt for a few hours after a workout to keep you “feeling good” for longer. 

Ideas to keep up with your workouts throughout the winter:

  • If you are one of the brave individuals who continue exercising outdoors throughout the winter, be sure to do a proper warm-up beforehand, wear appropriate clothing, and beware of ice or slippery surfaces.
  • When the cold weather get’s to be too much, try finding a new indoor fitness class such as yoga, spinning, or a boot camp.  Sign up with a friend to help you stay motivated and hold each other accountable to attending regular classes; this also makes it more fun!
  • If you are not one for going to the gym to put some miles on the treadmill or lift weights, try a workout DVD or book a session with a personal trainer who can set you up with a program you can perform in your own living room with very little equipment.

To avoid unwanted weight gain and stay healthy over these winter months be sure to stick to a regular exercise routine.  If you are having trouble finding time in your busy schedule, don’t use this as an excuse, you can always break your exercises into short 10-minute bouts throughout the day.   The idea of taking a “break” from your exercise routine and starting up again in the New Year will just make it more difficult to find motivation and get back on track. 

For more information about ways to stay fit through the winter email: Michelle@CORE-Condition.com

Michelle Roots BA Kin, CSCS