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Blog Failing to plan is planning to fail!


Failing to plan is planning to fail!

  • by Michelle
  • February 21, 2010

It doesn’t matter how hard or how often you workout, if you are still cruising through a drive-thru on the way home you are not going to see results.  The key to getting into a healthier eating regimen is to be organized and plan your meals in advance.  To avoid having to stop for fast food or giving in to your cravings, sit down and plan out your meals and snacks for the whole day or even plan all meals for the whole week.  If you pre-plan your meals you wont have to contemplate each day what you are going to make for dinner, you will be less likely to stop at starbucks for a coffee and a high calorie muffin for breakfast, and those mid day sugar cravings can be curbed by your packed healthy snacks and not by the cookies and chips in the vending machine. 

A great plan is to schedule your eating for the same times everyday, which should be about 6 times per day(smaller meals and snacks).  Not only will you be training your metabolism to be burning calories constantly throughout the day, but you will also avoid losing energy near the end of the day because you are starving for dinner.  When people do not add small snacks into their daily routine, normally by the time dinner comes around the stomach is screaming for food and you end up snacking while you are cooking dinner to avoid from passing out.  This brings two problems, if you are that hungery you are more likely to overeat because you will probably eat faster and will not feel full until it’s to late; secondly if you are snacking while waiting for dinner that is just added calories you do not need to be ingesting right before a meal. 


-Try sitting down and planning out your meals for the week on a Sunday night and prepare your snacks for the next day, so even if you are rushed in the morning you will be prepared for the day.

-Try eating the same thing for breakfast every morning, it makes life easy and one less thing you have to think about.  You can switch it up every week and try out new recipes to avoid boredeom.

-You should be eating every three to four hours in order to keep your metabolism burning calories and keep you body alert and energized. 


Plan out your eating just as you would prepare for anything else important in your life.  It takes some exra time, but the benefits of being organized are endless!!