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Blog Guest Post: Foods that Help Burn Fat


Guest Post: Foods that Help Burn Fat

  • by Michelle
  • October 7, 2013

Hectic working hours, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, which includes eating unhealthy food items and very little to no exercise, has led to more people suffering from excessive weight in the form of fat in their bodies. With obesity being one of the most important reasons for most diseases today, it is no surprise that there is an increasing need in people to ensure that they are eating right and staying fit. This need to stay fit and healthy has led to the popularity of many diets and dietary supplements, not to mention working outFat Burn in the gym.

However, not everyone has really benefitted from these steps, given that they can be quite restrictive and somewhat taxing, making those getting into it, leaving it as soon as they can. And this leads to more fat in the body. The trick to ensuring that you really burn the extra fat and keep it off is to eat right. While most might think that this is boring, it can actually be interesting and tasty, on the contrary, provided you know which foods help you burn fat faster. Here are some simple foods, which we usually have at home or can get easily, which are excellent sources for burning extra fat.


·         Whole grains: One of the most important components of your meal should include whole grains, which are rich sources of fiber. Whole grains help in digestion and increase the metabolism, which in turn helps you to burn fat faster. Additionally, being rich in fiber, they ensure that you feel full even after eating a small portion, making them the best for anyone wanting to lose fat and become trim and fit. You could include whole grain cereals, whole grain pastas, breads etc instead of opting for white bread or pasta.

·         Oats: When it comes to eating right and choosing foods that help burn extra fat fast, oats run really high in the race. Having a bowl of oatmeal or even oat cereal in the morning will ensure that your metabolism is high and your stomach is full with a smaller portion. What makes oats really special is the insoluble nature of the fiber, which means that the body has to spend extra energy, simply to digest this fiber. This in turn helps in burning fat, which would otherwise have been stored.

·         Green tea: Another excellent food that you should consume daily is green tea, which is an outstanding solution for weight loss. Apart from the caffeine in green tea that causes an increase in the heart rate, which helps weight loss; the catechins present in it help burn belly fat faster. If you are not fond of green tea as such, you could look out for options like Green tea EGCG or other supplements, which will give you the same amount of catechins that you require for losing belly fat.

·         Fresh fruits and vegetables: This again is extremely important and should become an essential part of your daily meal. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, each of which is responsible for burning the excess fat. Some great fruits include all citrus fruits, apples, raspberries and other berries, each of which is brightly colored and rich in antioxidants. Not only do these fruits help in reducing weight but also have properties that help in slowing the aging process. If you are not interested in eating fruits, you could try other supplements having raspberry ketone or garcinia cambogia extract as key ingredients.

·         Green Coffee Bean: Another valuable fat burning food is the green coffee bean, which is the original fruit of the coffee tree before the roasting process. While the fruit itself can be extremely bitter and not palatable to many, you can opt to include supplements like the extract of the green coffee bean in the form of Green Coffee Bean GCB etc.

·         White and lean meat and fish: Another valuable food source, which helps burn extra fat, is white meat like chicken and fish as well as lean meat like lean pork and beef. These are again rich in ingredients, which help reduce the fat around the belly and other regions, ensuring that you stay healthy and fit. Additionally, being rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates, these food sources help build muscles while reducing fat, which in turn makes them truly invaluable.

·         Yogurt: This is an extremely rich source of probiotics, which is absolutely essential for fat loss. While most people believe and rightly so that dairy products are sources of fat, yoghurt is the only exception. Whether you have it as a low fat option or the normal version, it really does not matter, given its high probiotic content.


Finally, when consuming foods for fat loss, one must not forget the importance of water in any regular diet. Water not only helps in digestion, but also keeps away the hunger pangs while also contributing towards the overall fat burning process. Therefore, make sure that you consume an adequate amount of water during the day so that there is no build up of fat. And to ensure that you keep that fat off, make sure that you exercise regularly, as this will help you stay healthy and fit.

Bio: This post is written by James Hundson fitness experts. I help people in achieving their weight loss goal and  fitness. I personally recommend eating fresh  green vegetables and fruits  will help  in weight loss.

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