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Blog How to Build a Home Gym on a Budget


How to Build a Home Gym on a Budget

  • by Michelle
  • July 20, 2011

The term “home gym” can be taken way out of perspective when people imagine what they need to have in the room they exercise in at home in order to call it a “home gym”.  You do not need large pieces of expensive cardio equipment or weight machines to create a gym in your home; all you need is a space large enough for your equipment that allows you to move freely without bumping into things.  Basements are possibly the best place to create a home gym because the floors are solid and it is away from the main living spaces of the house.  If you are looking to save some money a home gym can be a great alternative to a commercial gym to workout, as commercial gyms usually charge monthly fees as well as initiation or start up fees.  When purchasing equipment on a budget, maximize your dollar by choosing pieces based on versatility and if you can perform multiple exercises with it.

The Basics:

Stability Ball: They are extremely versatile and can replace the need for a weight bench.  You can lay or sit on a stability ball just how you would a bench and given you are not lifting extremely heavy weights; they can be used for multiple strengthening exercises.  Stability balls are also great for abdominal exercises, core stability, and functional training, just be sure to purchase the correct size and weight limit for those in the house who will be using it.

Resistance Tubing: They can be purchased in a variety of different resistance levels, from light tension to very heavy tension in order to increase or decrease the difficulty of exercises.  As the band stretches, the amount of resistance in the band increases and they can be used in replace of dumbbells in most cases.

Chin-Up Bar: Even if you are not able to do proper pull ups, this is a great and almost essential addition to any home gym.  A pull up bar can be used not only for performing pull ups, but also as an anchor point for resistance tubing or bodyweight exercises, such as abdominal leg raises.

Dumbbells: These are not extremely necessary and it is very expensive to go out and buy a full set of dumbbells initially; however, you could purchase 2 dumbbells of a weight that can be versatile to perform multiple exercises with and then purchase heavier ones as you get stronger down the road.

Items around the House: Use what you have already available to you in the house.  Stairs can be great for performing uphill lunges, step-ups, incline push ups, calf raises, or for running up and down between exercises to add cardio to your workout.  A chair can be great for performing step-ups, triceps dips, or seated dumbbell exercises.  Fill a duffle bag or back pack up with books or sand and hold that while you perform squats or lunges, get creative the possibilities are endless!

If you can’t afford to purchase a treadmill, bike, or elliptical trainer to perform cardio; go outside for a run, run up and down the stairs, or purchase a skipping rope and get jumping!


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Michelle Roots BA Kin, CSCS, PES