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Blog I’m at the gym all the time doing cardio, but am not seeing many results…why?


I’m at the gym all the time doing cardio, but am not seeing many results…why?

  • by Michelle
  • February 21, 2010

This is a question I get a lot from clients and others in the gym and is a very common mistake made when people are trying to lose weight.  Many people who set out on a new weight loss/fitness regimen think that doing long cardiovascular workouts will result in loss of pounds and a better body.  This statement is partially true; however, there are two questions I would ask:

1.) how hard are your cardiovascular workouts? how do you monitor your intensity throughout the workout??

2.) have you encorporated any strength training into your workouts?

When doing cardiovascular workouts, it is important to monitor your heart rate and train your body in the right heart rate zone to meet your individual goals. (see Monitor your heart rate to get the most out your workout in Quick Tips Section.)

Especially with women, strength training seems to be very intimidating and has a stigma that if you lift weights you will get “big and bulky”.  This is not true if done correctly.  The more muscle mass a person has, the higher their resting metabolic rate is, meaning they will burn more calories per day even at an active and a resting state.   Encorporating weight training 2 to 3 times per week into your workout routine will allow you to build muscle, in turn, increasing your total body strength and resting metabolic rate.  This will allow you to reach goals faster and help with getting that ‘tightened and toned’ body everybody strives for.  It is a good idea to consult a fitness professional when beginning a strength training routine to avoid injury and ensure you are performing the right exercises for your body specifically. 

So for better results check your cardio workouts and try adding strength training into your fitness routine.