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Blog Michelle Attends Mike Mahler’s Aggressive Strength Beginner Kettlebell Workshop: A Review


Michelle Attends Mike Mahler’s Aggressive Strength Beginner Kettlebell Workshop: A Review

  • by Michelle
  • March 8, 2012

A few weeks ago I had the chance to attend Mike Mahler’s Aggressive Strength Beginner Kettlebell Training Workshop in Tacoma, Washington and I truly believe it was money well spent! For the past few years I have been using kettlebell’s in my own training as well as with my clients; however, I had never been formerly introduced to the art of kettlebell training. I had learned a lot from other trainer’s, watching videos, and reading books about kettlebell’s, but I figured who else to review and perfect my technique with than THE KETTLEBELL MAN HIMSELF-MIKE MAHLER

This workshop was a full day of top notch kettlebell instruction and due to the smaller class size Mike was able to take extra time critiquing and correcting each class member’s form. He taught and technically broke down all the basic kettlebell exercises to reduce the amount of banging on the wrists, protect the back, and be able to produce more power through the hips to lift more weight with less potential for injury. Some of the exercises we covered were swings, cleans, one arm snatch, military press, rows and renegade rows, windmills, squats, lunges, and the good old turkish get-up.


During the lunch break, Mike took an hour to give a lecture on hormone optimization and stating this was just an added bonus in an understatement! I really enjoyed listening to Mike share his knowledge of hormone optimization from his years of research and experimentation with his own body. This lecture gave me a new outlook on how to best prepare my body to perform with peak potential in and out of the gym. Since taking the course I have also been listening to Mike’s 4-week online lecture series titled “The Importance of Optimizing Hormones” and I highly recommend it to anyone. Remember it’s not only the work you do in the gym that produces results, it’s what I like to call the work “behind the scenes” that really makes the difference. This includes things like proper eating, nutrient supplementation, sleep patterns, and stress control that combine to create a human body performing in its optimal state.

This workshop would be great not just for personal trainers wanting to teach proper form to their clients, but anyone looking to step their training up and turn their bodies into fat burning machines! Mike discussed how to structure your workouts for maximum fat loss and strength and how to properly combine kettlebell training into your current fitness regimen to get the best of both worlds.

I look forward to teaching my client’s what I have learned to help them reach their fitness and weight loss goals, as well as kicking my own butt to perfect my kettlebell technique and become even more “BEAST MODE” in the gym!

Check out Mike’s website at www.MikeMahler.com for more information about his workshops and seminars, read his blog, or purchase his kettlebell workshop DVD’s.


Michelle Roots BA KIN, CSCS, PES


  • 8 days ago   /   ReplyMike Mahler

    Thanks a lot Michelle and a real pleasure working with you!

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