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Burn More Calories With This Skipping Workout

  • by Michelle
  • January 16, 2017

Looking for a great way to burn lot’s of calories in less time??

Skipping Could Be Just What You Are Looking For!


Try this great skipping interval workout to switch it up from your regular cardiovascular training.  Skipping is one of my favourite things to do for a warm-up before a Fat Loss training session, as a quick interval to keep my heart rate up between weight training exercises, or just as a great way to challenge endurance and burn more calories!


Adding skipping to your fitness regimen will improve:Skipping Session for Fat Loss

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Quickness
  • Footwork


I use this interval program to warm-up and get a good sweat going before I begin a strength or circuit-type training program.  Depending on fitness level and you can use this program as something to work up too as your strength and endurance with the rope improves.


The Program:

Skip at a moderate pace X 2 minutes

After 2 minutes at a moderate pace, perform 20 skips as fast as you can of each of the following:

  • 2 feet together at same time
  • Hop on only left foot
  • Hop on only right foot
  • Alternating high knees
  • 2 feet together and hop left to right


After you have gone through 20 fast skips of each form of footwork, go through one more time performing 20 more reps of each.

Rest X 30 seconds and start again with 2 minutes of moderate pace skipping.

Repeat this program 5 times, which will equal out to approximately 18-20 minutes of skipping and a great sweat!

If you are not able to complete the program 5 times, try and begin with performing it 2-3 times and gradually work your way up.


If you are not very good at jumping rope immediately, just keep working at it!  I have watched many of my clients develop their skipping ability over time as they continue to practice.  It could get frustrating in the learning phase, but also acts as a new challenge and once you get going is an amazing workout!

Put on some great music and enjoy it!


For information about different ways to incorporate skipping into your fitness routine email Michelle@CORE-Condition.com


Michelle Roots BA Kin, CSCS, PES