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Blog Tips to Start Cutting Calories & Dropping Pounds Right Now!


Tips to Start Cutting Calories & Dropping Pounds Right Now!

  • by Michelle
  • January 10, 2012

Well it’s 2012 and I’m sure some of you have either not yet started your resolutions or have already fallen off the wagon.  Was your resolution to lose weight in 2012? Get in better shape? Or just live a healthier lifestyle? Don’t feel bad if you are one of those whom the new year’s resolution wagon zoomed right past, because you are not alone! There are many people out there just like you, but I hope this article can help everyone start living healthier today! It’s never too late!

Here are some quick changes you can make to start losing weight and living healthier today:


1. Get Active: Add exercise into your daily routine at least 3 to 4 times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes each.  If you are an “exercise rookie” start with a long walk and work your way up to more vigorous exercise.

2. Replace Junk with Wholesome Foods: Eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains instead of processed junk food such as potato chips, sugary snack bars, and refined white flour products (eg. White bread/pasta).

3. Lose the Booze: Alcohol is very high in calories, has no nutritional value, and tends to lead to bad food decisions that could be diet sabotage.

4. Replace Soda and Fruit Drinks with Water: Eliminate fruit drinks and soda from your diet and become obsessed with drinking more water throughout the day (at least 8-10 glasses).  Water helps suppress appetite and keeps the body hydrated and functioning properly. 

5. Reduce Sugar and Articifial Sweetners: It is very hard to completely eliminate sugar, but in order to lose weight it’s very important to try and minimize consumption of refined sugar.  Avoid Splenda, NutraSweet, and Equal and use organic Stevia instead.

6. Watch Portion Sizes: Even if you are eating a “healthy salad” if you eat too much then it defeats the purpose because the calorie intake still becomes larger than it should.  Try eating off of a smaller plate or if you are eating at a restaurant, portion out how much of your meal you are going to eat right when you get it to avoid overeating.

8. Eat Protein: Be sure to get a protein source at every meal, including breakfast!


Start following these tips tomorrow and notice your body start to change very soon!


Email Michelle@CORE-Condition.com for more information about how to kick start your metabolism and begin to live healthier right now.


Michelle Roots BA Kin, CSCS, PES