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Clean Eating Controversy – What is it anyway?

  • by Michelle
  • August 21, 2017
In today’s world there are so many different diets and weight loss theories that it becomes difficult to decipher which is the best, and more importantly, which is the best for YOU?   Low carb? High Carb? Paleo? Keto? Vegan? IIFYM (If it fits your macros)? Intermittent Fasting? Carb Cycling? Clean Eating?   With so [...]Read More >>

Pad Thai with Spaghetti Squash & Thai Peanut Sauce

  • by Michelle
  • February 5, 2015
Ok, we all love Pad Thai, but this is not a food you should be ordering in every night from your local Thai restaurant if you are watching your waistline.  Lucky for you I have a healthy and clean version of this amazing food that tastes just as yummy (maybe better!) that will not do [...]Read More >>

Chocolate Protein Muffin Recipe

  • by Michelle
  • June 9, 2014
Forget commercialized processed muffins, cupcakes, and protein bars loaded with artificial ingredients and calories.  Why not save some cash and make your own healthy tasty snacks?? Here is the recipe: 1 cup Oat Flour (blend up old fashioned rolled oats in a blender or food processor) 1 cup Plain non-fat Greek Yogurt 4 Egg Whites [...]Read More >>

Pre-Made Quick Morning Breakfast Idea: Pumpkin Protein Chia Pudding

  • by Michelle
  • October 21, 2013
Do you ever feel rushed in the morning? Either you slept in or you chose to only give yourself 15 minutes to get ready and rush out of the house? I head many excuses on a daily basis regarding why people don’t eat breakfast, but in my opinion there should be no excuses for missing [...]Read More >>