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Trainer Tiana Greenough


Tiana Greenough

  • Sports Science Diploma + CSEP CPT
  • BA KIN (4th Year)

Tiana Greenough

- Sports Science Diploma (interdisciplinary) (2013)
- BA of Kinesiology in Exercise Science (minor psychology) (4th year)

About me:
– Love recreational sunshine or snow sports
– Love being outside
– Dog lover
– Volunteer at a stroke rehabilitation support group !
– Value family time/time with friends
– Optimistic and open minded, I’m all about feeling good !

Growing up:
– Sport focus was competitive softball
– Attended Seaquam Softball Academy for high school so I could practise softball related training daily.
– Hobbies included snowboarding & weightlifting

– Played softball for Douglas College —> Silver medalist at NWAACC 2013 Championships

– Athletic training
– Aesthetic training
– Cardiac/Stroke prevention and rehabilitation [healthy hearts help to build healthy minds! :) ] Where my heart lies:
– In sharing my passion and excitement for what sport can give us, that cannot be found anywhere else.
– In creating confidence in athletes and everyday people, everyone has the right to wake up with a fire in their belly ready to tackle their day with their chin held up high.
– In helping people find balance in their lives, through building a social support network they trust, with exercise, nutrition, and sleep/recovery.

favourite quotes:
“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.” Tim Notke
“Success is when opportunity meets preparation” NFL Coach Jimmy Johnson