How Can We Help You?

How Can We Help You?

CORE Conditioning Offers A Variety of Services to Meet Any Fitness Goal and Accommodate Any Budget:

– One on One Personal Training
– Small Group Personal Training
– Group Fitness Classes
– Nutrition and Wellness Coaching
– Online Personal Training
– Program Design
– Fitness Assessments
– Goal Setting Sessions
– Athlete or Team Sport Specific Training
– ICBC Approved Active Rehabilitation
– Corporate Fitness Challenges
– Educational Seminars
– Bachelorette SWEAT
And Much More!


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Are You Following Us?

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Meet the Team of CORE Conditioning Trainers

All of our trainers are educated and dedicated fitness enthusiasts who strive to give each individual client the best experience possible. We will work hard to make sure you reach each one of your fitness goals! New to fitness, long experience veteran, need nutrition guidance, hurt playing a sport, or injured in a car accident? We have a trainer that will fit your needs and get you to that next level safely and effectively!

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  • Small Group Personal Training
  • Bachelorette SWEAT!
  • Online Personal Training
  • Corporate Fitness
  • Educational Seminars

Sessions designed to push each client beyond their personal comfort level in order to reach personal short term and long term fitness goals. You will be provided with a variety of progressive exercises to avoid boredom often caused by repetitive independent workouts. Read more about Personal Training here.



Throwing a Bachelorette Party?? Looking for some great ideas on how to get the day started? Tired of the usual spa days and pole dancing classes to fill in the day time bachelorette activities? Want to make your brides day original and memorable?? Bachelorette Sweat is just what you have been looking for!

Not a bachelorette?? Do you have another good reason to celebrate or just want to start a “girls day” off with a great workout?? Don’t worry we have packages to fit all of your needs! Girlfriends never need a good reason to get together and have a blast!




Why Bachelorette Sweat??

  • Private and fully equipped private training studio all to yourself
  • Bring your own playlist if you like
  • Class run by an experienced and certified CORE Conditioning personal trainer
  • Classes adaptable to all fitness levels
  • Free water and towel service
  • Many affordable packages available to get a great workout and have a great time with your ladies!!



Choose Your Package:

Note: All packages are subject to 12 people maximum. An extra charge of $20 will be charged for any additional ladies.


Package 1: Price: $229.99

We Just Want to Sweat Now so we can Wine Later


  • 1 hour full body fat blasting fitness class taught by a certified CORE Conditioning Trainer
  • Post workout protein snack plus complementary towel service and water

Package 2: Price: $289.99

We Want to Learn and Sweat


  • All the features of Package 1 as well as:
  • 30-minute educational seminar on the topic of your choice & handouts to take with you (See choice of topics below)
  • Special toast to send you on your way for the rest of the day


Package 3: Price: $349.99

Let’s Get this Party Started Right


  • All the features of Package 1 & 2 as well as:
  • Matching “sweat now wine later” headbands to take with you
  • Free CORE Conditioning Pink Tank Top for the bride to be
  • Photographer present to take pictures while you workout + pre (or post) -workout 10 minute photo shoot

Possible Seminar Topics:


1. How to Use Metabolic Training for Increased Fat Loss

2. Eat for your body type to reach fitness & weight loss goals faster

3. How to eat out, enjoy a few alcoholic beverages, and enjoy life while still reaching your fitness and weight loss goals


Something you are interested in learning about and not listed here? Ask away we are open to suggestions (as long as it’s fitness and health related!)


Days of availability:

Friday Evenings

Saturday Mornings/Afternoons

Sunday Mornings/Afternoons


Please Email to check availability for upcoming dates







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Online Training

If you are not in the lower mainland, travel frequently, or just don’t have the time to make an appointment with a trainer, CORE Conditioning now offers online personal training services.  This service is provided to clients who need the direction and motivation provided by working with a trainer, but don’t have the freedom in their schedule or budget to make continual appointments.


Why Online Training?


I founded CORE Conditioning 8 years ago and have managed to build up a loyal following of amazing clients; however, recently I have found I am running into one LARGE problem: I am having to turn down client’s because I am too busy :( I know some might say “you are busy that’s a good thing isn’t it?”, yes, don’t get me wrong I love my job and truly enjoy that I get to do what I love for a living.  The problem is that I feel horrible having to turn down client’s looking to change their lives because I know how frustrating it can be to not feel good about yourself, to be overweight, on and off of different fad diets, and over exercise but not see any results! Hence why I began my online personal training!! I am now able to help more client’s all around the world with direction on how to exercise properly, how to eat for their body type and desired fitness goals — Pretty much everything I do for my own clients I can do with you except stand next to you and count your reps.


Watch This Video to Check Out Just How Easy The App is To Use!



What do you get?

  • A customized workout plan designed specifically for you, your goals, and the location you will perform your workouts.  This will include strength training and cardio training programs
  • Fitness assessment with Michelle via phone/skype/email in order to determine the best plan for your body, lifestyle, and desired goals
  • All the support you would get as if you were training with CORE Conditioning in person
  • Your own personal trainer & contact via phone or email
  • New program every 4-6 weeks to avoid plateau and continue to see results
  • Detailed instruction about all workouts and exercises
  • Large database of easy to follow exercise videos
  • Printable workouts
  • Downloadable Smartphone app (IPhone & android)
  • Goal tracking
  • Measurement and Weight Tracker
  • Nutrition coaching based around your fitness or weight loss goals

Any fitness related questions that may come up as you move along in your workouts will be answered in a timely manner by a CORE Conditioning trainer.  Online clients have found that having someone to check in with frequently regarding nutritional habits and workouts has allowed them to avoid loss of motivation because they are held accountable for reaching their set goals.



Let’s do some math: Some personal trainers charge anywhere from $60 – $150 per hour.  At 3 sessions per week that is a BARE MINIMUM of $600 per month!!! Take a look at the pricing below and see how much you will be saving, but still getting all the benefits of having a trainer on your side to keep you accountable and help you reach your goals!




CLICK HERE To view the CORE Conditioning online training website and see how it works and choose a pricing option best for you!!




Please email for more information about bringing fitness into your work place!

Please email for more information about how you can bring an educational seminar to your home or work place!

I soon began to notice a difference in my energy level, strength and flexibility. I also began to gain considerable upper body and core strength. At the end of the summer we did my first set of measurements and I was amazed at the changes in my body. I had lost inches everywhere but the most significant change was losing over 3 inches on my waist.

Sarb Grewal Sarb Grewal

Burnaby, BC