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Blog 5 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain on Vacation


5 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain on Vacation

  • by Michelle
  • July 5, 2011

Vacation is a time to let loose and relax, eat foods you wouldn’t normally eat, and consume more alcoholic beverages; however, this often results returning home with unwanted extra “luggage” around the waist. Vacation is supposed to be a time to indulge and take a break from your regular daily restrictions while enjoying foods of different countries and cultures, but stick to this rule: “everything in moderation”. It is ok to have the occasional dessert or margarita, but this does not mean that every meal you eat on vacation should be unhealthy and out of your regular eating habits. There are many ways to avoid weight gain on vacation that don’t include a mandatory trip to the hotel weight room every day.
Here are 5 tips for avoiding piling on the pounds during vacation:
1. Eat before heading to the airport and pack healthy snacks
Airports very rarely have healthy food options and plane food is usually much worse! Try to eat a filling meal before leaving for the airport so you are not tempted to eat any of these unhealthy foods. Packing healthy snacks will help get your through a hunger craving until you arrive at your destination and will also be convenient to have on your trip to keep you going between meals.
2. Include something fitness related or active each day
Although some beach or pool relaxation time is a key ingredient to most vacations, try not to do this “ALL” day. Take some time to get out for a sightseeing walk, go for a hike, play golf, or water ski. I give my clients a “quick hotel room workout” to do first thing in the morning before setting out for the day (see www.CORE-Condition .com for more information).
3. Eat small portions
Most meals on vacation tend to be eaten in restaurants where portion sizes are much larger than necessary. Try and make a point to only eat half of your meal, order your meal off the appetizer menu, or share a meal with a friend to save calories.
4. Make healthier choices at least 2 meals per day
Start each day with a healthy breakfast and lunch then you won’t feel as bad if you indulge with a tasty decadent meal at dinner time. If you begin each day healthy, you will be more likely to stick with healthy eating throughout the day.
5. Drink Water
Water not only keeps you from drinking higher calorie beverages (lemonade or soda), it keeps you hydrated while hanging by the pool, at the beach, or running around theme parks. This is especially important if you find yourself consuming a lot of alcohol, which means re-hydrating the body is imperative.

Email Michelle@CORE-Condition.com for more information on how to avoid unwanted weight gain on vacation this summer.

Michelle Roots BA Kin, CSCS, PES