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Blog Flat Tummy Tricks – Simple Stability Ball Ab Workout



Flat Tummy Tricks – Simple Stability Ball Ab Workout

  • by Michelle
  • November 21, 2016

We all seem to be be looking for ways to get a flat tummy, build a stronger core, or just switch it up from regular abdominal training routine.  There are so many different exercises that have be claimed “the best ever” or “only one you should be doing”, but let’s be honest there are always more than one way to do anything.

Below I am going to share a video of one of my favourite go-to flat tummy ab workouts I like to do after a tough strength training or cardio session.

Remember a flat tummy is not all about the ab exercises you do and how many times per day you do them.  You can’t out train a bad diet.  No matter how much you workout and how many ab exercises you do, if you are eating foods loaded with sugar and calories, not getting enough sleep, or stressing out all the time; a flat tummy will be much harder to achieve.

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Now on to the Flat Tummy – Simple Stability Ball Ab Workout

Perform 1 set of each exercise in the circuit, and complete the circuit for 2-3 rounds

1. Kneeling Roll Out x 10

2. Ball Transfer x 10

3. Dead Bug x 10

4. Toe Touches x 10

5. Side Plank with Rotation x 10/side




Click the image below to check out some other ways to target your lower abs and build a flat tummy

flat tummy



Ps. Check out the fun #mannequinchallenge video we did at our studio after one of our Metabolic Group Classes!


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