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Trainer Tina Norman


Tina Norman

  • BCRPA Cerfitied Personal Trainer
  • Nutritionist

Tina Norman
BCRPA Cerfitied Personal Trainer

Tina takes a holistic approach to Personal Training analyzing lifestyle, nutrition, occupation as well as exercise, and activity levels. She comes from an alternative health background as a chiropractic assistant. This has given her a strong understanding of how very important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle incorporating good nutrition and exercise. In 2006 she did deviate from my lifestyle and approach to experience the journey of competing in bodybuilding which taught her a lot about myself and just how important it is to have balance in all that we do in our lives.
Tina has always been passionate about fitness and very interested in the relationship between a healthy body and mind. She feels balance in all that we do is important to a healthy lifestyle and although her approach is goal oriented she still feels it is important to remember that Personal Training should complement your lifestyle not take it over. Therefore achieving your goals should be enjoyable and responsible to those close to you.
Her specialty areas are exercise adherence (fitting exercise into busy and hectic lifestyles) and weight management through balanced nutrition.